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6 Tips for Deep Cuts

Deciding what to do about a wound can be a stressful experience. The medical professionals at America’s ER – Magnolia & Woodlands have a few guidelines to follow about when to seek help for a cut. Of course, you can seek help even if your cut or wound doesn’t fall into one of these categories.

Instances of cuts and lacerations pick up during the holidays, so take care when popping open the bubbly and getting the Christmas decorations off the shelf.

Here are 6 reasons a cut or laceration should be seen by a professional:

Contaminated Surfaces

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If you sustained a deep wound that is contaminated with soil, manure or dust there is a chance that bacteria known as Clostridium tetani, which causes Tetanus, could enter your body. It is important to come in and have the wound professionally cleaned. Tell your doctor if it has been more than 10 years since your last tetanus booster. You may be recommended a booster vaccination if only 5 years have passed because protective antibody levels fall after five years in some people.

Puncture Wounds

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Puncture wounds are when an object going straight into the body, such as stepping on a nail. These wounds should always be treated by a medical professional because foreign materials often enter the body and cause infection. For proper removal and sanitation of the wound, it is recommended to come straight to the ER and have a medical professional clear the cut of any foreign objects. Often, antibiotics will be prescribed to avoid further possibilities of infection.

Large Wounds

If your wound has jagged edges, is gaping open or the wound is on your face, it’s time to see a medical professional.

Deep Wounds

Ditto if the wound is deep and could have severed tendons or muscles.


See a medical professional right away if you can see bone through the cut.


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If your wound becomes tender, develops red streaks and/or drains yellow pus, come in as soon as possible. It’s likely an infection has set in and needs to be treated with antibiotics.

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