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America’s ER Medical Centers:

Magnolia & Woodlands

Conveniently located at
FM 2978 + Research Forest Drive
(next to Target in Magnolia)

FREE CPR + First Aid Classes

Our Magnolia location only schedules free CPR + First Aid classes for groups of 10 or more off-site.

If you have a group of 10 or more and would like to schedule a free CPR + First Aid training at your facility please email to schedule your class.

Off-site CPR + First Ad classes for groups of 10+


American Heart Association Approved


Includes Adult + Child CPR & First Aid


Heartsaver CPR Certification Awarded Upon Class Completion

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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Butler trained at University of Cincinnati’s prestigious emergency medicine residency program and with almost a decade of experience as a practicing ER board-certified doctor, Dr. Butler is fully prepared to handle anything that comes through our doors. His friendly smile and gentle demeanor put every patient completely at ease.


Always steady as a rock, there is no emergency situation that rattles Dr. Lorentz. His straight to business, no-nonsense clinical style and friendly bedside manner match his abilities to keep a calm and level head during the chaos of the emergency room. With tens of thousands of hours in the ER and a background in trauma surgery, Dr. Lorentz’s vast clinical skills are a valuable asset to America’s ER.


Dr. Bangale is a native Texan, born and brought up in Fort Worth. She attended Rice University and completed her residency training in Washington D.C. at George Washington University. She has spent over 11 years practicing Emergency Medicine and has a unique ability to connect with her patients. She is passionate about taking care of patients as if they are family and exudes compassion and kindness in her interactions.

She is a proud mother of three girls and spends her free time exploring parks and trails with her family. Dr. Bangale continues her childhood hobbies of dancing, cooking and gardening and is usually busy planning her next international trip.


Dr. Dugas, born and raised in Houston, Texas, has been practicing Emergency Medicine since 2015.  She trained at LSU in Baton Rouge and has been working in Houston since.  Dr. Dugas has a background in Kinesiology/Athletic Training and has worked as a medical assistant and EMT-B.  She has a masters degree in interdisciplinary science which helps her understand the body in greater detail. 

Dr. Dugas treats every patient as a person and takes pride in caring for every patient she meets.  She takes time to talk with patients but even more importantly she takes the time to listen.   Her calm demeanor and caring bedside manner helps connect with patients. 

Dr. Dugas has been with her husband since 2009 and has 2 beautiful children.  When not spending time with her family she enjoys boxing, shooting pool and nature watching.


For children or the young at heart, our Magnolia & Woodlands location features a soothing underwater themed pediatric room featuring our friendly ER octopus named Bubbles.

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