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7 Myths About Children’s Fevers

7 Myths About Children’s Fevers

When your little ones are sick, you want to help them feel better as quickly as possible. Fevers often cause concern but there are a lot of myths about what fevers do and how they should be treated. Here are 7 things you should know about treating your child’s fever....

7 Common Myths about Cold and Flu Season

7 Common Myths about Cold and Flu Season

You’ll be surprised to learn that most common knowledge about colds and flus is flat out wrong. Learn about these myths, and you’ll be better able to take the right course of action in the face of the flu and cold. Morphing Colds MYTH: A cold can turn into the flu....

Childhood Obesity and How to Avoid It

Childhood obesity is not only a widespread epidemic afflicting our nation’s youth, it is also creating a foundation for unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits with detrimental long-term outcomes for the health and physical well-being of both our children and the...

Guess What We Found? 5 Things That Just Don’t Belong…

So you think little kids are the only ones who get stuff stuck in various orifices? You'd be surprised what ER doctors pull out of patients, and on a regular basis. And once these little out of place treasures are pulled from their hiding spots, the stories on how...