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Dear Community,

America’s ER + Urgent Care is open 24/7/365 for all of your healthcare needs.

We are working diligently at both locations to provide you with the best medical care whether your concern be COVID-19, kidney stones, a broken leg, your child’s sore throat or relentless back pain.

Please click here for COVID-19 facts and resources and come see us 24/7 for your emergency or urgent care needs.

Our Services

Emergency Room

When you or a loved one are sick or injured, you want the best care possible – and fast.

Urgent Care

24/7 Urgent Care Center provides exceptional care urgent but not serious injury.


Our ER staff are specifically trained and equipped to handle pediatric emergencies.

Lab Services

CLIA-certified laboratory meets the nation’s most stringent requirements.

Physicals & Immunizations

Need that last minute sports physical and can’t get into your doctor’s office for another two weeks?


A convenient service we offer is 24/7 digital imaging and same day exam results, in most cases.

What does it cost?

At America’s ER, we know the cost of healthcare can be expensive. That’s one reason we designed our facilities to house both an Emergency Room and 24/7 Urgent Care Center. Besides convenience, we want to provide the communities we serve exceptional medical care at appropriate and competitive prices—ALL day, everyday. Both the ER and Urgent Care Center accept all major private insurance, and other payment options are also available to help keep your out-of-pocket cost as low as possible.

The staff and doctors were amazing. Great place……much better than an ER. Couldn’t thank them enough for helping my son.

What’s New at America’s ER

MRI Now Open

Appointments Available 


Sports • Camp • School

COVID-19 Testing

Drive thru appointments available for PCR swab & antibody blood testing.

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Should My Child Play Football?

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Back to School in a Covid-19 World

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Zoom Exhaustion: Is it Taking a Toll on You?

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7 Social-Distance-Friendly Places to Visit in Houston

“Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…” The music plays softly on the old turntable, conjuring up the sound of Ella Fitzgerald and easy jazz. Takes you back, all the way to 1934, when George Gershwin wrote the classic song for “Porgy and Bess.” Summertime was lazy back then—the heat made everyone move slower. No air conditioning, but no coronavirus, either!

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Why Are More Men Getting Covid-19 Than Women?

If an alien were to visit the Earth, it might at first think that since men are generally larger and stronger than women, males must be the dominant sex. In fact, plenty of humans think that, too. But does the science of medicine back that up? Since our focus is on the novel coronavirus dubbed COVID-19, we want to take a look at why it seems to have a worse effect on men—whose physical prowess should give them more protection—than on women.

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