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Physicals & Immunizations

At this time due to Covid-19 we are not doing physicals. We apologize for the inconvenience.

We’re ready, are you?

No appointment is ever necessary at America’s ER Medical Centers.

Need that last minute sports physical and can’t get into your doctor’s office for another two weeks? School starting in a couple days and the kids are behind in their shots? Looking for a last minute flu shot and don’t have a physician? 

Don’t worry, at America’s ER Medical Centers are always open, 24/7/365 and no appointment is ever necessary. So just stop by any time, day or night. We have you covered.

You don’t need an appointment with us.

If you require immunizations for work or travel, are looking for a flu or other preventative CDC approved and recommended immunizations, or are looking to immunize your child for school, sports or camp, you can always stop by America’s ER Medical Centers and get what you need. All without an appointment 24/7/365.

Physicals and immunizations are a way of life. From school, camp and sports to work and travel, after your evaluation, you’ll know if you or your family member is ready for the activity of your choosing.

Our comprehensive adult and pediatric cardiac risk assessments include a 12-lead EKG and head to toe evaluation, history and physical so we can provide you a comprehensive picture of your health.

Supporting local teams with 24/7 physicals

Take a look at how America’s ER Medical Centers proudly supports the community.