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America’s ER Medical Centers (“AER”) is publishing its service fees to help our patients understand both their healthcare costs as well as what their health insurance companies are required to cover. AER’s fees, all of which are listed below, are based upon the “usual and customary charges” found in the service area where each Medical Center is located. AER derives its fees from the licensed Emergency and Urgent Care charge data it receives from Fair Health, Inc. (“Fair Health”) which is an independent and neutral, national nonprofit organization dedicated to both healthcare pricing transparency and the provision of accurate, non-biased information regarding the cost of healthcare services patients expect to find in their community. AER utilizes that accurate and non-biased data to establish and regularly update its usual and customary charges so those charges always approximate the costs listed in the 80th percentile of Fair Health’s geographically specific charge database.

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3202(b) Cash Prices

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3202(b) Cash Prices