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America’s ER:

Magnolia & Woodlands

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(next to Target in Magnolia)

FREE CPR + First Aid Classes


We are taking preventative measures and watching closely as to the status of COVID-19.

Out of caution and for the protection you and our staff we have decided to cancel all CPR + First Aid classes until further notice. Please check back periodically for updates on class re-instatement. 

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Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Frenzel is a native Houstonian and enjoys practicing in a free-standing ER because of the personalized care she can give to each patient. She went to medical school at McGovern Medical School and completed her residency at the McGovern Emergency Medicine Residency Program. She enjoys trying new restaurants, going to museums and attending sporting events with family. The Astros, Rice Owls Baseball and Cougar Basketball are among some of her favorites.


As an athlete himself, Dr. Letsinger is a favorite among our high school and college students. While musculoskeletal and long bone injuries are his bread and butter given his extensive knowledge of human anatomy, having trained at both the University of Cincinnati and Scott and White, there is nothing he can’t diagnose and treat. A great doctor with a great talent in caring for patients and their families with the compassion and warmth you’d expect from a big teddy bear like him.


Dr. Butler trained at University of Cincinnati’s prestigious emergency medicine residency program and with almost a decade of experience as a practicing ER board-certified doctor, Dr. Butler is fully prepared to handle anything that comes through our doors. His friendly smile and gentle demeanor put every patient completely at ease.


Always steady as a rock, there is no emergency situation that rattles Dr. Lorentz. His straight to business, no-nonsense clinical style and friendly bedside manner match his abilities to keep a calm and level head during the chaos of the emergency room. With tens of thousands of hours in the ER and a background in trauma surgery, Dr. Lorentz’s vast clinical skills are a valuable asset to America’s ER.


For children or the young at heart, our Magnolia & Woodlands location features a soothing underwater themed pediatric room featuring our friendly ER octopus named Bubbles.

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What’s the Best Way To Know If You’ve Got Covid-19?

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Coronavirus: What’s It All About?

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