Does your ER have

We do.

When you or a loved one is sick or injured, you want only the best medical care possible—and fast. You want access to the most advanced equipment and well-trained physicians and staff with the experience to handle any emergency quickly and compassionately.

The reality is that clinical capabilities, access to advanced equipment, and the experience and training of physicians and staff vary widely among emergency departments, especially freestanding ERs. While there are minimum standards all emergency rooms must meet to become licensed, why settle for minimum when America’s ER offers so much more?

As one of the state’s most clinically advanced freestanding emergency rooms*, America’s ER goes above and beyond to ensure our patients receive unparalleled medical care and amazing customer service with little to no wait. With access to cutting edge medical and diagnostic equipment, state of the art facilities and staffing typically available only in the best hospital-based emergency rooms, the choice is clear.

*This is a reference to the new freestanding emergency room leveling classification system recently developed in 2016 and adopted by GETAC (Governor’s EMS & Trauma Advisory Council) and distributed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Leveling is based on each individual facility clinical capabilities (privately owned or owned by a hospital), attending physician ER board certification status, Nurse trauma certification status, additional clinical staff available on site 24/7, available in-house diagnostic and treatment medical equipment such as advanced airway, resuscitation stabilization devices and other equipment not required for licensure and accessibility to trauma, cardiac and stroke centers.

Classification as follows:
Level 1 (Highest clinical capabilities and able to receive emergency 911 ambulance traffic)
Level 2 (Intermediate clinical capabilities)
Level 3 (Lowest clinical capabilities – no ambulance traffic allowed)

Only the most clinically capable and advanced freestanding emergency rooms can claim Level 1 status. We are proud to say America’s ER is currently striving to meet Level 1 criteria and in doing so will join a select few freestanding emergency rooms across the entire state to offer such advanced clinical capabilities outside of the traditional hospital-based emergency room setting.

America’s ER.
Setting the new standard in emergency care.