America's ER Referral Network

We're with you, every step of the way

While we pride ourselves on delivering the best medical care in your community, what happens after you’re discharged or transferred from America’s ER can be just as vital to your recovery. The physicians, hospitals and clinics we select as our referral partners have been carefully screened and selected to ensure our patients have complete access to the full spectrum of superior medical services regardless of their condition and the confidence to know their next step in care will always be with a trusted provider or facility. That’s the America’s ER difference.

The Importance of Continuity

Studies have repeatedly demonstrated continuity of care is as vital to a patient’s medical condition and recovery as the type of care initially received. Increased patient satisfaction, fewer diagnostic tests, reduced radiation exposure, less medication use, improved overall outcomes and especially reduced cost of care are all direct results of careful and deliberate communication between providers as patients transition between stages of medical care. In fact, continuity of care has even been shown to reduce the number of emergency room visits and shorten hospital stays.

At America’s ER, we know quick, timely follow-up is just as important as the care received in our facilities. That’s why America’s ER has teamed up with local primary, pediatric and sub-specialty physicians as well as leading adult and pediatric hospitals who not only share our patient-centric values, but practice them as well. With most follow-up appointments confirmed within 72 hours and often the same day as discharge, not only is your health is our number one concern, but we also know the only schedule that really matters is yours.

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