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Tips and Tricks for Sustained Energy Throughout the Day

We could all use a little more energy. Feeling sluggish, blah and fatigued puts a strain on the day. We all want shortcuts to feeling more energized, but sustained energy comes from some life practices. Luckily, even small changes in the right direction can improve your energy levels. Here are some of the most important practices to cultivating sustained energy throughout the day.

40 Winks

We all know we need more sleep, and we all want quality sleep, but good sleep can be hard to come by. Try not to have screen time right before you go to bed. It’s also best to have a routine. Stick to a bed time and a waking time–even on the weekends, and you should notice lower fatigue levels during the day.

Let’s Grab Drinks! (Of Water)

Your first reaction when you hit a midday slump might be to reach for a coffee, but what you need is water. Over half of the human body is comprised of water and most of our major organs require water to run smoothly. Even becoming a little dehydrated puts stress on our bodies and can cause fatigue. Keep clean cool water at your workspace so you’re more likely to drink. It’s easy to forget to drink water throughout the day, but water is essential to your wellbeing and an easy way to boast your energy.

Eat Well

Energy comes from what we eat– so we should make sure to eat well! Eating healthy is easier said than done but there are simple things that can boast your energy. Small changes are easiest to stick with. Start with a positive change like packing a vegetable or two as snacks or keeping fewer treats in your home. And be careful of that hungry feeling you get throughout the day. Thirst can easily be confused for hunger, prompting you to eat when what you really need is water. Before you reach for your snacks, drink a glass of cool water.

Give Yourself A Break

The most productive people at work take short breaks every hour or so. Breaks are best spent away from all digital devices. Taking a walk is a great way to refresh your mind and keep yourself alert. When you feel sapped, take a quick break.


We all know exercise has health benefits and it’s no surprise that a healthy body has more energy. But finding the time (and energy) to hit the gym is difficult. A little exercise is better than none though. Walking has many proven health benefits. Take the stairs when you can and, if possible, join a club or classes that you enjoy. The gym isn’t the only way to stay in shape. Swimming, team sports, dance lessons– there are endless ways to get up and moving. Find one that works for you and you’ll feel more energized in no time.

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